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March 2024

Indulge in our bite-sized local joy snack list.

Artist Spotlight

Doug Kacena with K Contemporary is one of our favorite art curators, and is an ardent supporter of our work. His phone calls are our joy snacks, his artists are the chef’s kiss. Here's a great article on his transformation of Denver's art scene.

You won't regret diving into this snack pack!

Flower Spotlight

Gina of SHEGROWS is a glowing goddess of local flower farming legend. Her new spaces for gathering and classes are 1000 snacks at once. In March, she's even hosting webinars called Garden By Design (there are 2 left on March 14 and 24)! Sign up or gouge on joy snacks at SHEGROWS (

Photo by @amycarolinephotography

Garden Spotlight

Joy Snacks for Garden and Design Lovers

Right on the heels of feel-good, color-drenched mood boards, take this reminder from our new obsession, Abigail Ahern, about Digital Unplugging Day. It was actually March 1, but dates are just numbers, right? Follow her (if you aren’t already) and spike your dopamine with her lovely garden versions of Joy Snacks where she escapes and hides from the “interweb.”

Joy snack your way to "unpluggedness" with sanctuaries of "digi-lessness" among your green hidey-holes. Plant some indoors here in Colorado or plan where you’ll put them come May.

Abigail Ahern on Instagram: "...I don’t know about you, but I need my home to foster feelings of relaxation, with little nooks and corners where I can find refuge away from all the hubbub. And it’s actually so important for our wellbeing to take time out and unplug from the digital world, which is why I’ve created little detox areas, like my little cabin, devoid of digital distraction where I can just have a bit of a retreat away from screens. Love it so much…!"

Social Media Spotlight

Just for fun, before you go, a joy snack unanimous favorite is “floor time,” coined by TikTok but deemed a core value-add by florists of every stripe.

We can testify this works after designing hour upon hour of dreamy but muscle-knotting weddings! Nom, nom. 


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