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February 2024

Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year … and we are trying to resist the urge to call it “Humpday” even though double entendres are our thing.

Whatever its tagline is this year, please enjoy a window (here) into the dreamy world of our Valentine’s florals. Each gorgeous arrangement is made for you and delivered with a snap of your fingers.

Order by February 8 for free delivery with the code VDELIVER!

Stimulate the Senses

Looking for an excuse to touch your partner all over on Valentine’s (or maybe vice-versa)?

Here’s one: Foria’s new Massage Oil with Organic Botanicals. It’s the perfect reason to plan a date night where you turn your bedroom (or living room, or wherever) into an at-home sensual spa. We are obsessed with this Intimate Arousal Oil and massage oil duo. Try a massage oil candle. Pick up a few! 

Dear Lovebirds

Give a listen to Ten Percent Happier Dan Harris’ podcast on the History of Valentine’s Day and intimacy in relationships. It is a mind-blower.


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