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Portuguese Obsession

By Cindy Ollig, Owner|Designer

When I was in the Time Out Market in Lisbon, I ran headlong into these gorgeous candles, poured into artisanal black clay vessels and smelling like another world. Tracking them down to a studio a few hours north of our house in Alentejo, we were able to have some poured for us for The Perfect Petal here in Denver.

After doing everything right and tight legally, Alex and I brought every single candle home with us in suitcases. They can be yours now, as they are on display in the Highlands and ready to be your Portuguese obsession. Read about their creator, Paula Franco, here.

Fun fact: she has marvelous ceramic lighting as well! 

Verloop Knits

Soft, soft and even more soft, these splashy knits are what we're giving everyone. (Family, stop reading now!) Verloop uses dead stock knit fabric and redesigning the material into the very brightest, fun-forward, take-life-easier, beanie hats, fleece lined socks and what I call “clown booties." The fleece feels like the wool of angels, the colors make you smile. We should even have some baklavas in soon, but they will go very, very fast because....Instagram.

Franklin BBQ Wares

If you haven't heard of Franklin BBQ or Aaron Franklin, just skip this and scroll down because it will make no sense to you. The rest of you will know that Aaron Franklin, the legend and grand sorcerer of the art of the perfect burnt and crisp brisket skin and other smoked tributes, is the man.

We are now able to carry his famous pink paper that they use to wrap the Q and his special bags of charcoal and sauces and four of his cookbooks. There are also Franklin BBQ playing cards for your stocking stuffers. And there you are! We have covered the BBQer on your list.


We are fully embracing the craze for brown floral, and this showstopper is just one arrangement that boast this fashion-forward trend.

Sandstone and Spice blends the idea of a dry flower gift with moments of fresh russet and sienna blossoms, all in an amber heavy glass neutral enough to fit in any winter home decor.

Our favorite caramel cymbidium blooms begged to be included in this holiday spiced and cinnamon hued holiday floral vase. Bonus: it endures the holidays! Long-lasting blooms are the heroes here, as well as dried floral aspects of preserved oranges and winter berries. Toasty amaranths and heavenly incensed cedar pair with pine and spruce for the makings of a delightful seasonal tribute. Visit our website for an impeccable collection of holiday florals. 

Instagram Crushes

We are quite enamored with the floral photography and “nature storytelling” vibe of Susann Probst and Yannic Schon of @kraut_kopf. We recently dove head-first into the deepest rabbit hole, exploring the mouthwatering recipes and ethereal floral prints. (We are ordering them for our wedding consultation room!)

Give them a follow! If you do, you’ll be planting a bed of flowers in a patch of forgotten land, before you can say “Blumengärten!”