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March 2024

Allow us to pull back the curtain a bit to share what provokes, amuses, and motivates our artists and what we're excited about.  Through these musings, we'll share an array of inspiration, from our own perspectives to what we're seeing in the marketplace, to what we think might light the fire within.

We've Been Inspired

A New Take on Snacking

Around our floral making spaces here at The Petal, our humans are talking about joy snacks. “Joy snacking” is our very favorite new term, recently coined by neuroscientist Brian Sima of The Washington Post’s "Brain Matters". He touts the health benefits of noticing and savoring tiny, bite-sized pieces of joy throughout our experience, in an hour-by-hour way.

In fact, we love it so much that we’ve made it the centerpiece of our March! Listen to this podcast or read this article and tell us your favorite joy snack version. We know there’s no right or wrong, so watch our IG stories and share YOUR favorite joy snacks with US! We will pull ONE WINNER from a hat and they will win a fabulous fine art floral bouquet, delivered in the Denver Metro Area.

Mood Boards are the Ultimate Joy Snack

By Cindy Ollig, Owner | Designer

My all-time greatest joy snack is the process of building mood boards. I’m a firm believer that even the best ideas (like lovers or stray pets) move on from you if you don’t give them a proper place to live and the right attention. Vision boards have helped me rescue my best ideas and change them into the things I’m most proud of. They are also one of the most fun pieces of our process with clients. Sometimes, something that ends up on a mood board by chance will create that tiny spark that sets the whole look apart in the final wedding or the final vase composition.

Like any designer, we create for our clients. Of course we create for ourselves, too. But when we are successful, we can take any vision board and extract the essence of that collage, those emotions, into a look that has impact and story.

Vision boards are our color-drenched joy snacks as designers -- and definitely what we’re aligning with this season. They work to jumpstart our creative energy and then keep it focused. 

Currently, we’re lovingly collecting boards of patterns, fabric, old sketches and paint palettes, collectable trinkets and colored pencils, faded stems, and electric dyed grasses to tell a story via photograph and tell it again in a 3D floral composition. It’s THE most delicious joy snack in our reach. 

Follow our IG stories and reels for the fun and wait for the surprises!

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