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Allow us to pull back the curtain a bit to share what provokes, amuses, and motivates our artists and what we're excited about.  Through these musings, we'll share an array of inspiration, from our own perspectives to what we're seeing in the marketplace, to what we think might light the fire within.

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The Perfect Petal Featured on Great Day Colorado

Great Day Colorado’s Angelica Lombardi recently stopped by The Perfect Petal and talked with Romina Palacios, Director of Retail and Floral, and Sandie Yannes, Lead Designer, about our wide array of floral classes.

If you missed it, check out the segment here!

I've Loved Valentine's Day All My Life

By Cindy Ollig, Owner | Designer

When I was 6 years old, Hallmark had a box with all sorts of crafting materials: doilies and gold foil, feathers, plastic heart-shaped buttons and cardboard hearts in different sizes so you could make valentines for your little friends. I loved this box unreasonably. I glued for hours, making each one different than the last. I worried that they wouldn't be different enough from one another and that might cause someone to feel unloved by me. 

When I got to school and all of the valentines were handed out, I saw that no one else had made their own (a realization that immediately spiked joy for me due to the lowering of anxiety around artistic favoritism). Instead, their valentines were punched out square cards with puppies, kittens or cupids. I giddily started reading all of my cards when, out of the blue, the teacher called my name. 

Although I didn't even realize it was a contest, I won for the best Valentine’s Day box! The news gave me a tingly little shock and made me a bit woozy. It occurs now, decades later, that I still love creating things that are different and surprise and delight others. And doing it in February must be hardwired into my reward system since that day in the 70’s. 

Valentine’s Day is for all of us. You should luxuriate in the unbridled pampering of YOU (and we are begging you to), as well as making sure your Always Person knows how great they make you feel. Obviously, the connection of a lover and a soulmate is something to celebrate on Valentine's Day, as well, and we love being here for you with flowers.

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