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January 2024

January Joy comes in two forms for most of us. The classic “Recover and Recharge” camp and the energetic “Reinvigorate and Reinvent” camp. One chills, soaks, cocoons, journals and self-soothes. The other reframes, reignites, dreams, reaches, scours, rebirths and takes up more space. 

We invite your comments as to which canoe you personally paddle; we’re here to help elevate both with some of our faves: helpful essays, items, and overall inspo.

Must-Have Greens

If you're wondering what houseplant is hot in 2024, EasyPlant’s 2024 Trend Report names Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta (aka dracaena deremensis) is THE plant to have.

EasyPlant writes, "The Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta is a showstopper. This resilient plant thrives in spaces with direct sunlight to indirect low light, making it the perfect plant to elevate any space. Its deep-green, angular leaves add texture, something we’ll see more of when it comes to home design in 2024 and beyond."

Feed Your Soul, Then Your Plants

The New Year is when we should tenderly nurture our green roommates. It is good for our hearts (and lungs).

We are obsessed with --Love, Plants -- plant food crafted in Boulder with unmatched success for plant rejuvenation and health. Their science is nothing short of spectacular.

Tea with Tae Wellness Kits

Tea with Tae’s Bento Box and Wellness Kits by everyone’s favorite local tea blender will rock you into a lullaby of restful, mindful, contentedness. 

Inspired by Japan's rich and exquisite culinary history, Tea with Tae's Caffeinated Tea Bento Box is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind tea gift box and their most popular product. The "bento" style tea gift box is a modern take on Japan's famous bento box that originated during the 12th century during the Kamakura period, which often contained full meals in lacquered wood boxes.

Come in and see these in person - you'll feel relaxed by just taking in their beauty and check out their Instagram in the meantime.

A Personal Metamorphosis

Aromatherapy and a new fragrance can transform our outlook and our idea of self in an instant. We adore Transformation by Spitfire Girl in Austin. Kristin is a dear friend and a creator’s creator. 

Transform yourself by shedding the old to unearth the new... This eau de parfum stimulates the conscious and unconscious mind to encourage growth and change in all aspects of your being. Fragrance notes: Lemon Flower, Crisp Vanilla, Spicy Cardamom, and Grapefruit Peel.

What We're Reading

What are your signature character traits? What code do you want to live by this year? 

It’s okay to rethink them. You’ve gained a lot of wisdom last year and it makes sense to apply it to what’s really important. We love this new weekly letter on character by Leanne Rose Sowul. We hope you can support all of the wonderful writers, pouring their hearts out for the greater good of us all on Substack.

Read it here.