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London Contest 2024


  • We welcome you to participate as an individual or as a company. Just bear in mind that the grand prize is designed for 2 people traveling together and therefore will only include 2 round-trip tickets and hotel accommodations for one room, 2 double beds. 
  • Each creative gallery entry can be counted only once. 
  • Multiple gallery entries can be counted within one program!
  • A minimum of 5 entries must be obtained before a candidate can be “on the board” for trip qualification. 
  • If you are a candidate that is in a “tie” placement by June 1, 2025, we will alert you so that you can make appropriate decisions.
  • 10 new designs will be dropped January 2, 2025 that can qualify.
  • Entries that are within a program that does not allow image publication for website images and social media will not be counted. 
  • The galleries that require fabrication, drape installment, lamps or umbrellas can be counted as entries with our fabrication and procurement, or can be sourced through one of our vendor partners, if you prefer, as long as the floral program that accompanies the design goes through The Perfect Petal. 
  • All entries must be counted inside the entire floral decor program for the wedding or event. In other words, you may not bring in separate floral companies in the same program and count the entry.
  • The Perfect Petal will book all airfare for the winner, but will include all of the winner’s flight preferences such as baggage and meal requirements. Details for how to win an upgrade to business class, will be finalized by Sept. 1st, 2024.