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Meet Kit, our creative mother hen, our floral heartbeat. Kitzel hails from outside of Los Angeles, where we are sure floral farms and a desert spirit germinated to create her sense of flowing, beautiful, nature forward designs.

With over 16 years of floral design experience, Kit's passion for working with brides was cemented in the Colorado foothills of Boulder, where the craft was hewn. The Perfect Petal adopted her wellspring of talent in 2013 and our brides have thanked us ever since. Kit’s idealistic obsession with the perfect shade, the perfect farm grown stem, the ideal complementary tone of linen, ribbon, candle wax, has gained her National recognition as a master in her field as evidenced in countless publications from Martha Stewart to Luxe Weddings to Rocky Mountain Brides. Her team is simply the best in this part of the country, not only for their flawless artistry but because of Kit’s influence of culture and credo: that we must lift each other up through kindness, happiness and delight. 


Arcadia, CA