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penSmashing Floral
The idea of smashing florals and brilliant wares for living came fully formed to us 17 years ago when The Perfect Petal was born into the historic Highland's. We set out to bring wildly unusual crops of flowers from the cool and rocky Oregon coasts to the warm Floridian crops of talansia and orchids, introduce them to local Colorado stems and create breathtaking color saturated floral gifts with beautifully pleasing lines and form. We wanted anyone in Denver to be able to receive one or send a bouquet like this to their cherished sweetheart or true friend. We decided to offer local collections of fragrances, soaps, paper collections, garden & entertaining wares that had been created and launched by local artisans and entrepreneurs. This has kept us in business for quite a while now and made us dear and lasting friends though out the plains, the slopes and the city streets. Come and visit us.

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